This month, we wanted to focus on a brand with initiative: Collusion. Collusion are a fashion brand that can be purchased on ASOS. Their website can be found at www.collusion.com, however you cannot purchase items from their website. 


Quoting the company themselves, Collusion is "for the coming age, shaped by, and for, an audience who demand something different from fashion." The world is well aware of the effects fast fashion has on the environment, producing more CO2 emissions than the travel industry. For a sustainable future we must quickly and actively alter the way in which we live our lives, without taking away the expressionism and creativity within the arts. It's not demolishing - it's reinventing the way we do things.

Collusion is a great example of the ways that the coming generation are demanding change, and wanting a brighter future for ourselves and the generations to come. "COLLUSION is animal-free and the majority of our cotton is sustainably sourced. Our sizing is inclusive. We’re unafraid to demand something different. We believe in collaboration. And we believe in making clothes that celebrate the people who wear them." However, one thing we must consider while reviewing the brand is that it is not quite there yet. Don't get me wrong, Collusion is many steps ahead of brands such as Primark and New Look, but in order to really achieve great change and sustainability we must accept the


Photograph by Chloe Sheppard

fact that being better isn't good enough. As a brand they must go beyond. So, although Collusion is on the right tracks and is a better brand than most, it must still evolve and improve, just like the rest of the fashion industry. We need radical change and fast. 

Hope you are all doing well,