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Bea Viña - Theatre Design and Finding Your Creativity

Here at YOUTH, we had a chat with the very talented Bea Viña who is currently in her final year at RWCMD (Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama) studying design for performance, which covers set, costume, technical design and so much more for film, TV, theatre etc...

A week in the life of a teenager: a photography project

We asked a group of teenagers from a range of places - UK and international - to take a selection of photos of a week in their life as part of a photography project looking into what life is like for young people...

Celebrating influential women and organisations this International Women's Day

Happy International Women’s Day! We wanted to celebrate by highlighting four key women in the creative industries and their impacts on societal change for women, as well as two organisations who are supporting creative women.

How are teenagers staying creative during lockdown?

In the midst of lockdown, it can be hard to keep your creativity flowing. Motivation can be lacking when you’re at home all day, unable to go out and get inspired by the world and the people filling it.

The rise of experimental music with artist TVDEATH

TVDEATH, a Japanese musician based in America, has been making music for thirteen years. He discusses with us his latest album titled 'BLXCKTOXIN', an experimental track leaning into ambient styles of music.

The Innovative and Experimental Magazine Designs of the 1960s

The 1960s. The post World War II boom had just happened and was still continuing on, we have the civil rights movement at it's pinnacle point, Bob Dylan, the landing on the moon, Elvis Presley, only twenty years prior everyday household items we still use to this day were invented, like the first colour TV and microwave. The years leading up to the 60s and the 60s themselves, all of the 20th century actually, was immensely innovative and experimental...

Valentine's Day Submissions - What does love mean to you?

At the beginning of February, we asked young people to create something to portray their perception of love however they saw it, and submit it for us to collate and share for Valentine's Day.

Nu-metal, magic tea towels and 'My Dealer': a chat with new teenager punk band Griptape

Griptape are a new teenage punk band from Warwick, consisting of Syd Sutherland, Sam Bryan, Aydan Linney and Max Thompson. The band debuted with single ‘My Dealer’, posted to their Instagram at the beginning of this year - a menacing grunge tune about drug use, with intense vocals and an ominous bassline to mirror the songs harsh lyrics.

Alexandra Carr: Winner of The Belmond Award discusses the world of design and sustainability

We spoke to the lovely Alexandra Carr, a multi-disciplinary, award-winning designer who uses art and crafting with digital manufacturing and lighting design to explore the links between functionality and sustainability – she told YOUTH that a lot of her work consists of “experimenting with 3D printing and light, and how I can change materials textures to create new forms.”

The stamp 'Euphoria' left on Gen-Z and their outlook self-expression

After it's release in 2019, Sam Levinson's groundbreaking hit TV show 'Euphoria' is still influencing the fashion and beauty industry, as well as a whole generation of young people and their self-expression.