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We are YOUTH Magazine, an online magazine based in the West Midlands, England for young creative people. We aim to showcase art, photography, film, fashion, theatre, and so much more in order to empower young artistic voices. We hope you enjoy and stay for a fun time!  

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At 18-years-old, Imogen Morris is an aspiring creative journalist and writer, focusing on the criticism and study of film and literature. She enjoys many aspects of creativity such as photography, performance, music and filmmaking. At A Level, she is currently studying English Literature, Drama, and Film Studies.  

In her free time, she enjoys writing, reading, and acting. Some of her artistic influences include Wes Anderson, Virginia Woolf, Nicholas Winding Refn, Denis Villeneuve, and Sylvia Plath.

Imogen is a co-founder of YOUTH and is excited to use the platform to express her work and learn about herself and others. She also aims to involve young people in the artistic moment, giving the creative youth a voice.

Instagram​: @imogenmorris2

Photography portfolio: https://portfolioimogenmorris.weebly.com/


Molly Locke is a 17-year-old visual commincations designer studying Film, Media and Photography in her final year at Sixth Form. Her interests take the form of film photography, web design and sustainable fashion - creating upcycled garments and designing visual artworks in her spare time.

Molly takes inspiration from culture and lifestyle magazines Dazed, The Face and i-D and recommends their YouTube channels alongside the BFI's archived films.

Furthermore, she belives that by using creativity we can hopefully sustain a positive world.

As one of the co-founders of YOUTH, Molly hopes to display the artistic side of gen-z culture and raise young voices.


Instagram​: @molly.rose77

Portfolio: mollylocke.co.uk